Secondary pc build

I am building a second pc for my sister as a gift. Primarily she will be doing gaming and basic editing. Should I go with the Intel I3 3220 or the Amd A10 5800k? The graphics card I'll probably buy will be the Radeon 7770. 

What's your budget?

I have everything but that.

Well then, how am I supposed to help you?

Case: NZXT Source 210

Psu: Ocz Modxstream pro 700w

Ssd: Corsair Neutron GTX 120 gb

HD: W.D. Black Caviar 1 tb

Ram: 8gb 

Motherboard will depend on the cpu. Within 100-130$


Get the i3 if you are going to get dedicated graphics. For most things the i3 simply destroys the A10, because most things only use one or two cores and the cores from the Intel camp are really, really good. So there's that.

I chose that i3 because it has Intel HD 4500 graphics and the motherboard supports automatic graphics switching, which is really neat, because there isn't a graphics solution on the market that does standard media encoding/decoding better than it.

Aftermarket cooler is actually optional.

I would recommend checking out some Patriot Viper 3 2133 MHz RAM as it isn't terribly expensive, it is very attractive (I know your case doesn't have a side panel, I don't think it should matter), and it is very, very fast.