Secondary GPU for Host system

So I have a 3090ti and 5950x cpu and was wondering what a good secondary gpu would be.

I would like something that Can handle 2 1440p monitors and encoding for twitch something that can handle at least 1080p encoding and is preferably light power draw since Im already pulling a lot with the 3090ti. is there a decent gpu that can do that is not overkill?

oh and btw this gpu would be used on the host so i can passthrough the 3090ti to a vm

I just finished getting a virtualized gaming system setup with all the hardware working as I wanted and am using a 3080ti for my gaming VM and a 1030 for my Linux VM but it would work plenty well for a host machine.


I used a Quadro P4000 for the host machine which is essentially a GTX 1070 but in a narrow cooling config. The PCI slots were close together so I needed the most power I could pack into a thin single slot space if I was going to have two GPUs in there. Seems like the GTX 1650 is one of the better choices for low power.


I use a RX 580 for my host and a RTX 2060 for the Guest/VM. And i am pretty happy with it. I could only boot with one screen for a little while until i did this drivers - Dual Monitors on 18.04 with Radeon RX 580 GPU - Ask Ubuntu

I use Debian 11 and it worked well.

just as an update I bought a XFX Speedster SWFT105 Radeon RX 6400 that I think will do the trick. although had to compromise on the encoding part…

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