Second opinions?

This is what I've come up with for my gaming pc. Any opinions on it? Where I could improve? A better bang for my buck somewhere? Did I go wrong with the SSD? I was trying to look for best bang for my buck SSD. Did I cheap out too much on the PSU, any recommendations if i thought about getting 770s in sli in the future?

Thank you!! any and all feedback is appriciated

Im looking now

I would personally get cheaper dual channel ram, you can still get 2x4gb kits for $70ish 

Anyone else have comments?

Pretty good build.  Some suggestions:

GPU: The 4GB version of a GTX 770 is only helpful for multimonitor gaming.  The memory interface of the 770 cannot fully utilize the 4GB with a single monitor.  Also, the HD 7970 is on par with the GTx 770, and I highly recommend it as it's a lot cheaper due to the R7 and R9 release.

PSU:  If you want to SLI in the future, I'd look at getting a ~700W psu.

RAM: 2x4GB would be faster, but in reality, the performance increase is minimal.

Thinking you can get cheaper/more ram for the loot. Probably a larger hdd than that black depending how you use it. Don't cheap out on the psu, that's the base of everything and clean stable power is more important than big power.

Well i did the usual thing really. Change out the single channel ram. Swapped the wd black for a wd blue because you don't really need the black if its just going to be storage. And with the the money saved i would go for the UD3H. Dropped the h100i because the tc14pe is much better at cooling. Changed the psu out for a better one.

P.S  Are you going for a blue/white/black theme?

And also i would go for a 7970 because they are going really cheap at the moment. With a 750w you would be able to Xfire in the future.

Yes i actually am going for that theme. I was also debating whether black phantom case would be better.  I know i've heard how cheap they're going for but I've always been an NVIDIA fan. I hear some things should be happening for NVIDIA too and maybe I should wait before purchasing my build? But I'm just so anxcious. I really like that power supply. I was sorta looking for a modular one though. Thanks!

EDIT: Also I only went with black because I had read the black overs much better IOPS. How exactly is the RAM you choose better? 


The ram is dual channel. So it will perform much better than the single channel ram. If you wanted to keep the blue ram there is a dual 8gb kit of the one you chose.

Did a few things to increase performance and save some cash.

The Samsung 840 series is fine; I have one. 85 bucks is a good  price.

Got you a combo deal with a better MSI motherboard. 16g of ram for about the same price as the 1 stick of 8g that you had before. If you don't like patriot I'd still consider two sticks of ram because of dual channel support on motherboards.

I went down to the smaller mid tower NZXT Phantom case. That is a good deal on the full tower case but the deal ends on 10/7 and rather than deal with mail in rebates you can just get this case for less right off the bat. Everything you want will easily fit in there. Went up to the XFX 750w Gold rated power supply for the about the same money as the OCZ. The XFX is made by Seasonic and it's at a good price point; 750w will give you more than enough head room for SLI/Crossfire and overclocking.

Grabbed a 7970 instead of the 770 simply because it's better for the money. If you have your heart set on Nvida go ahead with the 770. You could also crossfire 7950's for the same money as the 770. If you don't need the PC right away I'd wait to see what prices do when AMDs new cards hit the market.

I really like that PSU. I will definitely be switching that out. Is the original MSI board I choose so bad? I really only choose it because of its nice blue theme. I think I will be waiting to see what happens! Just so anxious lol. Thanks I really appreciate it!