Second machine strange slowness

I put together my second rig with 2700X and 64GB ram and 2080 Super.
Having very strange slowness using normal stuff in Windows 10. Especially installing new software takes very very long time. It has never been this slow. Also, for some reason only Chrome downloads are very slow.
Internet Speedtest shows normal internet speeds so that should be fine though.
My NVME is installed in the bottom PCI-E slot which is 4X if I understood correctly so that should be okay too.
I wonder what am I missing.

Download speeds are slow? Maybe windows update are happening in the background?

Gamers Nexus has had problems with running their benchmarks while the test bench was connected to the internet.

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These are just hunches, but…

Ram Speed? Did you set the Speed in BIOS? Ryzen 2xxx and 3xxx operate best with 3600 MHz RAM.

It might be o.k. but why not put the NVMe in your primary slot that is directly connected to the CPU?

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