Second Machine - Ideas?

Okay so I have got plans for a second lower power machine in the works, it will be powered by a q6600 CPU, 8GB RAM (When i finally purchase it) and a 750Ti (Android Studio GPU accel and some games)
Okay so I need some advice on what to do.
So first distro, I was thinking of going Arch Linux as its the distro I am best with, I was going to go something debian but I want some slightly newer packages, I could go either Manjaro NET or Arch base.
Another idea was OpenSUSE Leap, thoughts on that for mostly a dev machine.
Again there is more like Fedora I could use, distro swapping does not bother me, I know how to use most major package managers.

Second is a DE, I am undecided on which, I was thinking Budgie (Chrome OS look-a-like) as its minimal and gets out of my way, I could also have BSPWM or i3 on the backend.

Now for drivers, as this is a Nvidia card this is where things can become difficult, constant updating frequency even on Manjaro can cause issues with the video drivers so am I better on somelike other than Arch here, I don't want to use open source drivers on a Nvidia card.

Of course then we have IDE, I will be using Android Studio mostly of course, seeing as I learn Java via Android.

Any other suggestions?


Based on what you said, Standard Arch is probable going to be best for you. There's no reason to change your preferred distro unless you have a good reason.

I just switched to i3 on Thursday in preparation for a 40" 4k monitor, and it has been fantastic. $mod+enter for a terminal and $mod+d for new applications was all i needed to know to get off the ground.

It looks like arch has nvidia closed source drivers: