Second GPU Incorrectly Set as Primary GPU

Removed my 3 GPU’s to unplug a USB motherboard header and reinstalled the GPU’s and updated my bios to the latest version. Booted the machine and started Unraid. I could only get the second GPU to work the others had “Unable to power on device, stuck in D3” error.

  • Checked the bios menu which said the three GPUs were running at x8 x16 x8 when they should be x16 x16 x8.
  • Removed the GPUs , cleaned the contacts and reseated. Now they’re running at the correct x16 x16 x8 speed,
  • The bios is still treating the second GPU as the primary GPU.

How do I set PCIE 1 as the primary GPU? Clear CMOS and let it redetect the GPUs? I’m at wits end, this has been like this for a month. Please help

I forgot what the option is called but what you want is PEG(lowest number) so you’ll want PEG 0 if it starts at zero or PEG1 if it starts at one

Could also be something like static discharge killed one, test each individually

Vbios corrupted?