Second catastrophic GPU failure. Mobo?

First I will give a little background on what has happened so far. I built my PC in late January early February and everything was running smoothly for the first week or two. Then I started to notice artifact in BF and things went progressively (digressively) down-hill. The artifact was only prevalent in certain games but like an infection of sorts it became rampant in all games until it spread to Google chrome. This was the last straw. I called up VGA and long (not really) story short they sent me a new card. I received it a month ago and everything has been going great....until recently. As of today I received my first "Video driver has crashed and has been scornfully recovered." My heart sank to the bottom of my chest. This is surely not the GPU. It can't be. I feel it is the mobo drawing to much power through the pcie slot and causing it to fry but that wouldn't make since because I have monitored all temperatures and everything is at cool temps well below "fry" levels. I don't even know where to begin too take care of this problem. I am willing to try anything. Please help... ~ Chris.




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Other than this the only problems that could possibly contribute to the issue are the following;

My Evo 212 is massive and it is weighing at a slant because of its heavy ness in my case...maybe this is bending pins?

My PSU is an 80plus gold certified Capstone 750 watt unit. Non-Modular.

My case- It is a Rosewill Thor v2 white edition. The power button is functioning weirdly. I have to press it and hold it for a very specific amount of time in order to power on successfully. (Talking milli-seconds here).

No matter if the power up is successfully or not every red light on my mobo lights up like a Christmas tree for a split second. I have not ever thought anything about this because I just figured it was apart of POST operations.

An evo 212 is small... It shouldnt be bending to the point where it can cause damage.

If your 212 is visably bending something, that isnt good, either tighten the screws or get a different cooler. There could be a problem with our PSU, or your motherboard. Do you have another PC to try it on? any other PC with PCIe will do.

is it an nvidia card? mine started doing this recently and i couldnt stop it, tried mulitple versions of drivers and everytime after a random period the driver would crash and recover.

In the end i got annoyed so i turned off the windows timeout detetion feature and it fixed it, temps were always within limits and everything else was fine, tried on 3 different PSU's and still did the same.

I cant 100% say what it was but im pretty sure it was a windows update/nvidia driver combination.

I wouldnt be too worried at this point cos a driver stopping responding doesnt always mean your card/board is broke, this may be an entirely different issue than before.