Second 670 or 770?

I'm planning on building a second, smaller PC come April, and I am debating on some stuff. I currently have a Galaxy GTX 670 4GB card in my PC. I thought about getting a second one for me build. At the same time, I thought about getting the 770 version (roughly same price) and using the 670 in the second build (suppose to be a smaller portable PC like a LAN PC). Thoughts? Go for SLI or get the newer model which is a little cheaper.

well the sli set up would give better performance in some aps but if your going to be doing lan parties and what have you id say sell your 670 and get a 770.

Sorry, I didn't fully read the question. The GTX 770 is an excellent card if you can afford it, and if the 670 is going to be the same price, then you will definitely notice a boost in performance with the 770 instead.

I'm going to have two PCs, its either have SLI in the main rig and a buy a smaller card for the LAN, or use the 670 in the LAN and get a 770 in the main rig

What are you talking about? The 670 is a gimped 680, and the 770 is an OCed 680. Two 670s will destroy a single 770.

well  dual SLI 670's will beat a 780 hands down and possibly the 780ti when it comes to raw performance.  Depending on how well SLI is supported on programs is the catch though.  The 770 though is still an upgrade non the less, but a minimal upgrade because essentially the difference is the 670 to the 770 is like the 680, nothing too drastic that will make a big difference. So if you want the biggest bang id say SLI.

I know getting a 770 will have better performance than the 670 1-to-1, and getting SLI on the 670 will blow away most/all single card setups, but I'm trying to consider whats going to be best down the road. I eventually want to water cool my system and there are NO full-waterblocks for the my Galaxy GTX 670 4GB. So getting a second one will still result in having two air cooled cards.

If I got a 770 that does have a full cover waterblock, I could eventually have SLI 770s with a water cooled setup.

OR should I look at getting a 680 over a 770?


I just put a 770 in my system and I'm very impressed. I haven't benchmarked it (never got into that, I'll just check with Linus) but it's runs smooth at 1080p and so far no hiccups.