Seasonic PSU Issue

So its seems my M12II 750Watt PSU from seasonic has developed a terrible tick. 


Im assuming its the fan as ive isolated and cleaned everything else just in case, and checked the screws and mounting areas around the case to be absolutely sure. My guess it its off balance but then again i could be wrong as the clicking is intermittent(which is even more annoying) , and when it does click it sounds like 2 pieces of plastic making contact, does anyone know if i should be worried about it breaking and causing damage to the rest of the system ?


Ive emailed Seasonic twice (a month ago and Today) but they havent responded yet. Im totally lost on what to do, and kind of mad as i spent the money on a Seasonic to have a nice quiet power supply with quality components but that doesent seem to be the case with them.



P.s. If i do end up dumping Seasonic forever, whats one of the best Quiet PSU's for 750Watts and 120-150$ price range (Canada) Ive been looking into the Corsair RM-750 but im not sure.

if you are still under warranty, you should RMA it. 

the support pretty much cant help you with PSU issues as there are no user repairable parts. if they answer, you will propably end up with "did you try to turn it off and on again" bullshit.