SEARX Self hosted search engine

Anyone heard of or used this before?

Came to my attention after watching the NetworkChuck video on it. Seems pretty cool to me.


Ive heard of it but I cant be bothered with it when DDG and Startpage is around

If you take a look at the repo has not been updated in a long while. I think SearxNG is carrying the torch forward. I was meaning to spin up a container and try it for a while, but ended up not having enough time to do it.

yeah set it up and started using it earlier this week… i liked it so much i installed it on the metal after i tried it in a vm.

this will show you both ways you can start hosting your own search.

but understand your still using a default browser/fire fox/ chrome/edge… so they will send shit regardless.
the alternative…
make your own web browser in visual basic. :wink:

also im having issues running it behind a vpn. the search loads fine but all the engines time out.
so will have to play with that to figure out why…


well its got worse…
works fine if i dont use the vpn
but if i do, its now its saying cant allocate an ipv4 address from the available pool.

im guessing theres even more settings i gotta fiddle with :frowning: