Searching for StarLite MK IV 11 inch laptop experience

Hey folks,

anybody here got a StarLite MK IV?

I am thinking about getting a small device for some surfing and writing. Just want to pack in my backpack and go without lifting too much.

Never had an 11 inch laptop though and never used a low end processor like the build in Intel Pentium Silver N5030.

I am usually a guy with a redicolous amount of tabs open😅
Would just write on this with obsidian, synchronize files with syncthing and write/surf on the browser.
Some light foto editing like cropping and scaling pictures for the blog.

What could I expect from this guy?

Just noticed: this will ship in January 2022… So no wonder nobody has any experience with that particular device.

Anyhow, maybe people with similar devices can share their experience.