Searching for a new Laptop - for: Audio editing, Linux, Multiuser

I am in the market for a new laptop within the next 3 month or so.

must have:
full Linux compatible
decent Monitor (IPS) max size 14 - non glossy
decent typing (no chiclet accepted - but no mechanical needed)
decent batterylife 6h+

Surfing, Typing, Audioediting (10-15 Tracks), seldom videoediting (time no issue)
Transportation mainly by car and not carrying weight not that important.
Multiple Users inkl. a little bit more stable since it should last 3/4+ years.

Since i used no laptop the last 5 years (only desktop) I am not really up to the actual development (brands to chose and actual lifecycle). I have no need for the the latest and greatest but i don't want to buy half rotten apples from years ago.

I found something which sounded ok.
Lenovo ThinkPad® T460 (20FMS03600)
35 cm (14.0") Full-HD IPS matt (1920 x 1080), Intel® Core™ i5-6200U DualCore (2.30 to 2.80 GHz), 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel® HD 520 Grafik shared, no OS from a education store.
900 Euro in Europe (~ 825 USD in the US with no sales Tax)

Is that ok from price to quality ratio ?
Is there a major "development" in laptopland in the near future in which case it would be a good advise to wait for it?
I liked the old Thinkpad keyboards...are the actual ones still good for typing ?



That is a pretty solid laptop. The only complaint people have about it is the track pad is kind of buggy.

Is that hardware related or a driver problem ? Linux the same ?

AVA direct, System 76 and Dell all sell laptops with Linux installed.