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Search term too short


But the search results should just know what you want if u spell it out

For the people at the back of the class


your suggestion is literally the only one that pops up with such a search :slight_smile:


I thought the sarcasm was implied… we all know AI dont work like that.
Edited my previous post.


Please excuse my ignorance, I thought you were imparting some secret inner workings of the search engine.
I sure fell for that one!


I forgive me.


Thanks for the head-desk moment…
Refreshingly overdue



Im just in a mood to joke after having watched our security team dick around with mcafee trying to fix their firewall rules… An “allow” rule was blocking outgoing connections from Chrome… only took them about 4 hours to fix.

the space on the end doesnt work for me either…

until I try zf"s "


Adding an asterisk to any TLA seems to work


Known issue that no one seems to care about