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Search term too short


Lots of things are shortened to just three letters, like ZFS or GPP.
But the search won’t do anything unless you type four letters or more.
Can we change that to three?


Did you want a Mega Search to go with your Mega Thread?


Actually this resulted from me being unable to find something on ZFS.


Fair play, but I can see why a minimum I’m limit would be introduced, even if it would help to allow TLA’s


What is TLA? (Except too short to search for. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nevermind, google did it.


Three Letter Abbreviations

Or Three Letter Agency O.o


Sometimes you can cheat it by putting a space


That doesn’t work for me somehow. Are you sure? Can you screenshot it?


How about zf”s”


That seems to work. :+1:

But now everyone would have to search on how to search for zfs first. :wink:


Or git gud and expand terms…

Joking… I also ran afoul of the three letter limit, And you are right, there are too many TLA’s in tech


On mobile, nope. The point is that predict-a-result thing where it suggests topic while you are typing.


Well, that’s dumb, why not pause the prediction nonsense until more than 3 characters typed, or normal search if only 3?


You mean you are on mobile? Because I’m on the desktop.
And just clicking on the search icon, top right, and typing in three letters leads to the “too short” message.


Yes I am on mobile, in a car. Try three letters and typing a space. Most of the time however I try to guess more of the title if I looking for a specific thread. But the search in general is… less than perfect.


“RAM” -> too short
“AMD” -> too short


Yeah that does not work.

KVM, TCP, NAS, NFS, AM4, AIO, ITX, ECC … yeah, tons.


Soooooo … Yes? … No? … Maybe? … Turnip?


Just search for zettabyte file system


You’re missing the. :stuck_out_tongue: