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Seagate Hard Drive's good or bad?

I'm eager to get my next system built and have just the Memory, Montor, Keyboard, OS and Hard Drive to get.
I usually go with Western Digital, but was wondering what Seagate is like? I've noticed that certain people (like Linus) use Seagate drives. BUT, I have read that the failure rate is high on certain drives?! My PC wont be a highend system, just a standard A4 4000 with the F2A88XM-DS2 and 8GB of RAM.
Somethng like this perhaps?
I'm not saying that I will go with Seagate, but I'd like to have other options.

Personally not a fan of them, 2 out of 6 hard drives in my case are Seagate and they run at LEAST 10 degrees hotter than my WD drives. Saying that however everyone has different experiences with both brands and some would swear against WD too...

Also why are you going for the 2.5inch form factor no the 3.5?

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In my experience seagate disks are solid, and the SSHDs are pretty good if you don't want to get an SSD.

A lot of people will reference the backblaze failure statistics and say that seagate are junk because of it. But the failure rates of desktop drives being used in a heavy enterprise environment aren't really relevant to normal desktop use, so I wouldn't take those statistics as representative of what you should expect on a desktop.


Hmm... I didn't notice that!!! It will be a 3.5 drive. :O)

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It was what Backblaze had talked about, that stuck in my mind regarding Seagate! I have used Seagate before, many, many years back when I was married. Just thought it might be good to give them another try.

Yeah, what backblaze do is cram 40 cheap desktop disks in a server box and use software to deal with the disk failures rather than using expensive enterprise hardware. Desktop disks are not designed to handle that sort of punishment. So the failure rates under those conditions probably don't translate to how well they perform when used normally.

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I would say go for it then mate, honestly either one you go for people will pull out rubbish stats and tell you are wrong, go with what you are familiar with. I will always go WD but thats what I am used to!

All these stats and figures mean nothing tbh unless your doing some hardcore RAID or NAS based work.... if I am right in saying this is just for casual everyday use then I am sure you are fine

Ah good ;)

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My new system will be for lerning programming and a few old games from Nothing intensive. :O)

Perhaps this one??? Price is good! :O)

Yeah, so I would maybe just go for the best Gb per £/$?

I do a fair bit of heavy duty and frequent read and writes for design and content creation etc... so I use pretty good drives but standard WD blue or the equivalent seagate drives should be fine :)

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Once I've got the cash for it, then I will decide for sure as to what make and model to go with. :O)

I wouldn't worry about it personally. Imho fears about hard drives are generally overblown. Toshiba, WD, Seagate, all good imo.

As far as Seagate go, I have nothing bad to say. People having been saying WD trumps them for as long as I can remember, but I've never had any problems. I'm running two Seagates in my current machine. One is nine years old, a little noisy but still works perfectly fine. I also have a modern SSHD and that thing is great.

I've generally been unlucky with WD, I had two WD Black drives dead on arrival recently, and at work we had both raided WD Reds in a server die at the same time... that said I'm not put off using them. Shit happens, keep a backup.


Yeah, I see wat you mean!!! My dad has a second hand DELL Workstation that's over 6 years old. It has a Seagate drive in it and no problems what so ever. I'll decide once and for all when I have the money for it. :O) And I will be keeping backups!!! :O)

haha, as it happens the nine year old drive came out of a second hand DELL workstation!

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XD WoW!!!

Also if you can get them in a store... a lot of people complaining about mafacturers drives failing is due to being miss handled in shipping...

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I was thinking about ordering online, but perhaps a trip to PC World in Poole would be better?!

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Yeah If you can I would even if its slightly more expensive...

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No Seagate drives, but found this: