Seagate being a massive asspain in regards to warranty

Sup. I just got a (DEAD) samsung drive (2tb 5400RPM) that has 6 months of warranty left but it's towards seagate. Now that's all fine and dandy, i havent had issues with seagate warranty service before. 

Now, though, i made a return case, but i did not get an e-mail confirmation and did not print the final return form.  That means that i dont know whether or not if i ship it i'll get a drive in return since i'm fairly confident i didnt screw up the e-mail when making the return claim. 

Furthermore, any attempts to get in contact with seagate have been foiled. Their twitter blew me off, they havent E-mailed me despite waiting for a week on multiple adresses and the only thing left to try is their phone line, which i will be doing tommorow. 

Question is, has anyone had any experience returning a samsung drive to seagate?  Am I screwed?