Seagate Barracuda: 3TB @ 7200 or 4TB @ 5900?

I'm stuck between these two drives. I'm looking for a 2-4TB drive for all my virtual machines, games, and music. I don't really want to go with a WD Drive because I feel that they can be overpriced compared to their Seagate counterparts at this capacity. I am also open to other suggestions. I can't really add much more here, the title mostly says it all.


To be honest with you and this is going to vary from person to person in here of course, But I generally spend the extra money on the WD drives, I have had nothing short of terrible luck with every Seagate product I have ever owned, from obscene disk temps to just flat out fails at young ages. but have never had a WD fail on me.


Along with that, I would wait a little longer for the 4TB drives, were approaching the holidays where you can expect a drop in prices again and there should be a price drop on 4TB in general pretty soon anyway. You can find a 3TB even WD for as little as 89 bucks new, newegg recently had a sale at that price.

If i was in ur position id go with the 3tb as it is faster and it usually the 3tbs are somewhat more reliable. If it was me, well im waiting for the consumer 5+ tb drives. Ive been told that there some 10tb drives being used in storage centers but from what i understand they are 1000$+, but most people are going to need that, on the other hand i think i may have a problem with buying so much pc stuff......

I had 3 (a 40gb during a blackout, a 60gb that barely spins and a 160gb full of bad sectors) caviars and one 1tb green fail. I still have 2 working 20gb quantum fireballs, maxtor and all my current great hdds are seagate. It's all about luck indeed.

Well, unless you think you'll need that extra TB of space, I would go with the faster 3TB drive.