Seagate 2TB HDD errors at around 200GB written

Hey everyone,

I have a 2TB Seagate Barracuda Green 3.5" hard drive that seems to have an issue when I try to write more than 200GB to it. The drive sounds alright and shows up in Windows and Linux without issue, however file copy operations end up failing just over 200GB. I'm pretty sure the SMART status is good. Just wondering if anyone happened to know if this is a common issue or something that is easily fixed.

run chhkdsk or something /fix

if not helping

dismantle partitions,
create one partition at 195GB
create 2nd partition 10GB - name as broken
create 3rd partition with rest

Once you are done, remove 1st partition and 3rd partition.
Create any partitions you want... else you can try hard stuff with testdisk and simply do low level format and stuff like that...

just throwing it out there that it may be your drive. seagate has some of the worst HDD's in the world and their 2t ones are some of the worst of the worst.

That really depends on the model, I have 2x 2TB Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001's (1TB platters model; several different drives with the same model number, they must have been on drugs over at Seagate that day) that are around 3 years old and have worked perfectly since day 1.

I may have one of their 3TB drives actually. Its sitting in a home file server. I want to replace it as soon as possible, or at least get money together for another drive to use as a backup.

As for the 2TB, i'll wipe all of the partitions and see if creating one at around 195GB shows anything useful. I'll maybe see if I can find any Linux based disk testers as well. It would be nice to put the drive to use only if it will work properly.

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I can verify this, I am a wedding/karaoke jokey and I have NEVER had a drive fail as fast as a seagate. These drives that have failed were not dropped, hit, subjected to extreme hot/cold. when not in use, they were surrounded in 9" of memory foam I used to make an external HDD transport case. I had not ONE last me more than a year, the shortest was 4 months.

A family friend had a 1TB WD Green 3.5 drive and over 900GBs of the drive isn't writeable. It has a 16GB recovery partition in the beginning which is fine and some space at the end but most of the drive isn't writeable. So it seems some operation of the Green drives may kill them faster.

The drive was mostly used as a portable drive in an enclosure, although it did move a lot. However I don't think it was nearly enough to kill it. I've had bad luck with Seagate drives. I've had a WD drive fail, but that was because I dropped it. I currently use two WD Black drives in two separate computers (one on my main machine for Steam games, the other in my server as a scratch disk) and they run like champs.