SE/WS File Storage & Hardware Development (ASIC) Workstation

Dear Geeks,

I really hope everyone is well and healthy, and the COVID crisis had the minimum possible impact.

I am doing ASIC development for a small company and I am looking to build home storage and workstation computer for my personal projects, files, and remote work, if possible, your guidance and opinions would be very much appreciated.
Unfortunately, I can’t share the complete CAD flow besides a few open-source tools: Verilator, Spike, FireSim, and Symbiotic.

The needs:

  • A Raid Array (10, 5, ZFS?).
  • Rhel 7.8 (VM); certain tools from a specific vendor are working(supported) only on Rhel.
  • Windows 10/11? (VM); Microsoft office suite & Visio feel richer on certain features which I use from time to time and would be lovely to have access to these.
  • Main OS → Ubuntu/Fedora SE? WS? Some proposals would be very much appreciated unless (no Windows please).

Some Details:

  • It will run 24/7
  • Already have in my possession some brand new “goodies” (Found these at really good prices (30-50% less)):
    • a Fractal Design Define 7 XL.
    • a 2TB WD-SN850.
    • a 2TB 970 Samsung Evo Plus.
  • I like very quiet computers.
  • One “feature” which is very unpleasant to see on quiet computers are very high temps, w/e CPU even in full load shouldn’t have more than 75-80 C.
  • Investment in good quality fans wouldn’t be disregarded as long as these will provide a significant difference (Maybe Phanteks T30 or Noctua NF-A12x25 ???).
  • Air Coolers would be most desired (Noctua NH-D15 maybe? Collor doesn’t matter).
  • Buying a Nas would be an option but I would really like to take advantage of the Real Estate offered by the Case.
  • 64-128G of Memory should be just fine for over 98% of my work.
  • Some random GPU to drive a few 4k monitors, maybe 5-6k in the future, large displays with a good resolution a very useful for big schematics.
  • As for HDD maybe some IronWolf/IronWolf Pro (size will be determined by the price), is the pro really worth the price?
  • PSU: as far as I understood Intel released the new PSU spec which makes me quite uncomfortable when it comes to PSU choice, very detailed guidance on this matter would be quite an interesting read. Usually, I pick a PSU which has 2x the power required by the PC, I don’t want brownouts, the MB also needs a very solid power delivery.
  • The region I am living in right now the default internet speed is 1G but we are on a quick move to 10G, 1G might be enough but the price difference between 1 to 10 here is quite insignificant, if possible a LAN card which could take advantage of it would be very appreciated.
  • ASIC design tools really love large Caches, I would love a Threadripper or an Epyc (Milan-X would be the best (overkill) but the price is too high for me) but the required budget for the CPU and MB is way too much for me.
  • 16 Cores should be just fine for work, but, how many will the Raid Array need for encryption? Would a Sperata Raid card be useful (PCIE Lanes are expensive)?
  • If possible I would like to stick with this computer for 3-5y, I don’t like to change the systems at all.

Some Component details I thought about:

  • CPU (this is The most important): current solutions on the market are older than 2y and the next gens seem to be real leaps (DDR5, BL Arch, New OS Blocks), I considered waiting a bit for Ryzen 4, now the question would be, how reliable will it be and how much power will it consume (maybe some conclusions based on leaks)? What price should be expected? Should I wait? Should I buy something now?
  • DDR5: seems to have much better bandwidth, but, how about stability? crashes are not welcomed at all since some simulations have to run for 24-48-72 hours.

The above pieces of information were obtained based on a short look on the internet, last time I built a pc was 5y ago (a very fun experience), detailed information about the recommendations would be very much appreciated, since I don’t have as much time as I had 5y ago and neither the privilege to work with the newest “toys”.

Regarding the budget I would prefer to don’t state any numbers, instead, I would like to say don’t hold back on the details (Fans, PSU(especially), etc…), but, I would like to mention that I still have a family to take care off and by saying this I mean that it isn’t unconstrained.

Thank you all!