SD Card on Linux via Nikon

Hey all.
I've just got a Nikon D7200 and San Disk SDxc card to go with it. It looks like it uses DCF or exFAT. In any case my OS can't mount it. How and what should I reformat this to so that it works well on Linux and Windows? I researched the problem but there weren't any good answers.

So in my experience trying different formats with camera cards is generally a bad idea. Your camera will be set to format your card and read from whatever format the manufacturer has decided. (Just checked the NIKON support site and as I suspected they say format the card in the camera). Maybe you can elaborate on your OS problem..... Under Linux depending on your distro you can generally download the addon extension for a different disk format through your package manager. If you are looking to add compatibility for exFAT just start by searching for "exfat" in your package manager.


The SD card should work out the box without the camera formatting it. It should be vfat normally. if its exfat, install fuse-exfat