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Script for FTP_.msi pull and install


I need help to build a script that will pull a .msi from a FTP server and then silently install. Any pointers would be appreciated.


I see you are asking for Windows. Are you using CMD, powershell, or something else? And for what Windows and/or scripting program version(s)?

If you are going for powershell, I would install and use this module-

Connect to the remote server, download the msi, disconnect from the remote server, launch the MSI, delete the MSI. Add error handling and stuff as needed(ie a decent error message if it cannot connect, if the file is not their, etc)

Look up how to do basic(and some more advanced) powershell stuff here-


Primarily for windows. We have an RMM tool that can push scripts. I wanted a script we could push out that would go to a web hosted FTP server that would pull down a .msi file and run it silently.


What language do you want to use?

CMD(ie .bat or .cmd)?
Something else?


.bat probable, I appreciate your help. Not sure why but I haven’t been getting notifications for your replies, sorry with the delayed response


Windows has a built in FTP application that you can access from cmd so it should not be too hard.

MD a directory in temp
CD to that directory
echo your ftp commands to a text file
ftp to the remote computer with the text file as an argument for what ftp commands to run(ie login credentials and pulling a msi then quiting)
msiexec /i /quiet filename.msi
cd to somewhere else
rd /s the directory in temp

You will have to fill in what exact commands you need, see the resources below on the commands-


Thank you for your help. I appreciate it :slight_smile: