Screw it and get the new Macbook?

Okay, I want a laptop that fast to boot up. I want to just friggin type on it. Watch youtube I don't want to game on it or edit videos. I hate, like HATE the BS fans on every laptop. As I am typing this with headphones on and listening to music the fan is overpowering the music. I have extra money and stuff. I know the specs, expect how the cpu affects percieved speed of simple stuff. I know the port issue. I was wondering if there is a good alternative. Wondering if the current version has too many issues to justify a purchase. Or whatever...

Just to clarify, I am looking to build a gaming pc, so... not an apple fanboy or anything.

I am looking forward to your opinions, thanks!

Just get a chromebook?


I am not too fond of the Chromebook environment. Neither am I too familiar with it. Thanks for the recommendation!

From what it seems. It looks like you want something for media consumption. You're better off just getting an Intel Atom based laptop (they don't have fans) for productivity. Then getting a small tablet for media consumption.

Microsoft just announced the surface 3 which is really good. If you want the best of both worlds..

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For a few weeks i had a 3rd gen x1 carbon on loan for a business trip. I know its specs are pretty mediocre but hell i loved it. If i was still flying on a regular basis i would probably buy one for myself.

If you're just listening to music and/or watching YouTube I'd go for a tablet, personally. It'll serve that purpose with ease and do it pretty well.
If you frequently have to type on whatever you do decide to use, consider a tablet that can dock. If that's no good, consider a Surface 3 but if that's no good, consider a low-powered laptop that has an SSD.

Get a unttwbook or whoever there called like the x1 carbon or dell xps 13 or Asus has one I think.

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Personally I own a gaming desktop pc and a macbook pro, and both work for me for what i need. I personally think that OSX is very good on a laptop and Windows is very good on a desktop and I wouldn't have it any other way. You dont need to be a fanboy , just use the right tool for the job.

Yeah asus has one with very similar specs but is a good deal cheaper. it has a slower ssd and a lower res screen (1920x1080) if I remember correctly but it looks solid.

Don't forget if you need to connect several peripherals you need adapters for the macbook.

yeah I heard the xps and zenbook are good competition to the macbooks, thanks

I know, I know it won't be cheap either, but if someone is buying a $2000 laptop I don't think $50 in cables will kill someone, thanks

I forgot about the surface series, I may look into those, thanks

I am not much of a band lover/hater, but I have not liked a lenovo product yet, also I never fly, and thanks

I'd likely be doing mostly typing, while listening to music, surface does sound interesting to check out, thanks

yeah the zenbook its like $700 its really similar, maybe wait for next gen of that? idk, thanks

I have the same set up as you, gaming PC and Macbook Pro for uni stuff. Could not agree more

yeah that's what I kind of planned to do, thanks

It's not about the price but the inconvenience of carrying multiple adapters.

Zenbook that's the one.

The only thing worth mentioning about the xps is that ive heard there are still a few little bugs. I imagine they will be worked out (some already are with BIOS updates) but its worth keeping in mind.

The business lenovo side are generally excellent laptops. The new T450s has perfect Linux support however it has one fan ive no idea how loud it is I don't think its much of an issue.

Edit. The only downside if you see it as one is there not flashy looking