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Screenshot tool : looking for Monosnap Alternative

Hello !
I was the user of a windows screenshot management tool called monosnap for a couple of years now.
This tool is nice because it allow you to quickly take a cropped screen cap, edit it with blur, text and arrow if you need, push it to my sftp server and put a link for it in my clipboard.

Sadly, with the last OpenSSH update, and the tightening of DH key size, this tool can no-longer connect to my server, and the dev don’t look overexcited to update…

What do you use ? I know only puush, but my requirement are :

  • cropped screenshot
  • key shortcut
  • ability to selfhost (sftp, ftp, smb, nfs i don’t care XD)

got something for me ?

I use Snagit 11, excellent program.

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If you’re on windows, take a look at green shot. It is basic but I love it.

Using chocolatey? You can install greenshot right away

I use shareX. Hotkeys for area or window shots, auto upload to imgur like websites or personal server (ftp, etc). Its great.


+1 for ShareX. It’s what I use on Windows.



Use gyazo.

Miss me with that gyazo shit.

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Sorry what, I can’t hear you over the working tool with online backup.

Working tool with online backup

Yeah, ShareX

I love Lightshot. It’s on Windows and Mac.

I just use the native PRTSC button on windows onto my clipboard and edit it in, if I need to capture a specific area, I just use the windows snipping tool and edit it in I just rely on the forum and chat service I use to keep my screenshots(as I would not share anything sensitive over such services).

If I am playing games, I will use the steam in game screenshot tool.

Thank’s for your suggestion, i’v tried most of them

i don’t like the idea of using an old, unmaintained free version of a purchasable software, but thank’s

This look like it could do what i want with the ability to run command after a screenshot, but i’m looking for something with sftp like upload out of the box

For now, it kinda look like what i need, i still need to figure out all of the setting, but i like it

This tool seam to only upload on common website, no possibility to upload them on a private server

it look like i can’t self host, and the list of “DON’T” on this tool is huge !!


Ok … but i’m actualy looking for a soft that automate and enchence windows prtsc functionality … in order to quickly share a screen shoot … sooo …

I’m still open to suggestion, but i think shareX could do the work ^^

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Ah ya I missed that part. There is a share option, but not exactly what you’re looking for. I think the “don’t” list only applies if you’re uploading it to their servers (the little cloud with the up arrow), but the share option (typical share favicon) should be fine.

perhaps run rsync every n minutes or something?

It’s definitely a complex tool. Very powerful, which is nice.