Screen tearing

I have Asus vs248h monitor which should support 1920x1080 at 60Hz, well i'm experiencing some screen tearing while gaming until i lock frame rate at 57fps or below (with msi afterburner, also tried v-sync in games and there is no difference), is it normal ? Mean shouldn't it work correctly at 60 fps if it's 60Hz monitor ?

(fx 6300 + r9-290 vapor-x + 2x4Gb RAM on msi 990FXA GD-65 via HDMI cable)

I have noticed the same thing with my 60Hz monitor, and I noticed that with V-sync on, it was actually going to 61 and even 62 fps at times, for no apparent reason. So I believe v-sync is broken and don't use it. But If I set my frame rate to lock at 59 fps in PrecisionX, I don't get tearing.

It is happening just with some games not all. I'm not sure if my monitor is ok or i should contact supplier. Can it be something else than monitor ?

I think its just the games. I tend to notice it more on some games (The Last Remnant) more than others (Bioshock)

I hope so, Bioshock works perfectly for me too, the worse tearing i can see in Lost Planet 3. Anyway time to save for 144Hz screen, the new Asus ROGĀ 2560x1440 would be perfect, but it's way beyond my budget :(