Screen tearing and errors in terminal

Howdy. I’m on Arch, using KDE.

CPU = Ryzen 7 2700x, with 6c/12t for Windows 10 VM
Host GPU = AMD RX 590
Guest GPU = AMD RX Vega 56

In the host, I have the AMD’s ‘TearFree’ option set in the xorg.conf file, and KDE’s compositor VSync setting is ‘Full Screen Repaints’.

I get tearing and stuttering after a while in the VM, and Looking Glass throws out periodic
texture.c:316 | egl_texture_process | glClientWaitSync failed
errors in the terminal.
I have to shut down and restart Looking Glass, and it’s good for a while before it happens again.

I have AMD’s VSync turned on in the their graphics control program. I have VSync turned on in the game I’m playing (Red Dead Redemption 2). I have tried KDE’s compositor with VSync on and off. I have used both GPUs as guest and host, doesn’t make a difference.

Any ideas?

No replies? :cry:
I fear that I have a unique problem on my hands.
I use Arch and update frequently. Could it possibly be related to the newer versions of Mesa?

My intuition about Mesa may have been correct. Arch just had a Mesa update. After I applied it, I went into the Windows VM through Looking Glass and played some RDR2 for a couple of hours. No problems, no EGL Stream problems in terminal.
I’ll do it some more over the next few days and make sure it remains the same, then close this, marking it down to a driver issue.