Screen stretching

Why does my monitor on the left keep stretching the screen and cutting most of it off?

Like this is all I see and it’s stretched. I looked it up before and it sounded like I needed to update my OS and I did but it’s still doing this

And it only starts when I’m away from my computer for a bit and it goes to sleep or turns off the screens or whatever and stops when I restart my computer

Are the two monitors different resolutions, the one being stretched lower than the other. So when it sleeps and wakes it assumes primary monitors resolution on both and over scans on the lower resolution one?

Yes, the one on the left is 4k and the one on the right is 1440p

The one being stretched is the 4k monitor

The primary monitor is the 4k one

have you tried changing the display location settings?
like making the 4k #2 and moving it to the left position?
I’m sure it sounds dumb, but have you adjusted your display settings? ever? changing something will probably just recreate the config to a new version.

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Yes, I’ve messed around with the settings trying to find a solution before, didn’t work

I might’ve tried this when I was messing around in the settings but I reverted it back to normal if I did because it would feel too weird to move my mouse to the left to get it on the right screen and the other way around to get it on the right screen. It would be something I wouldn’t get used to or enjoy doing

if you change or move the location of the monitor (#2 on the left in the display settings window) your mouse will move over to the correct monitor. if you set the 1440p monitor to the right location and have it as #1, the display manager will have your main desktop on the right monitor. while your secondary monitor will be the 4k on the left.

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You know for sure that’s the problem?

your 4k is the main display and the resolution is lower that what you want correct? so just reverse it.

there is possibly a driver issue here also, I’m guessing you have an Nvidia card?

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Yes, 980ti

I’ll try that, will have to wait a bit cus it happens kinda randomly so I won’t know immediately if this was the problem.