Screen resolution - Need Help!

before i get started my specs are.

windows 7 pro (up to date)
Intel 4770k
Gtx 780
LG 23EA63 (monitor) -using dvi *1080p
AOC e2752v (secondary monitor) - using hdmi *1080p

My issue started when i uninstalled a program called "Air Display" which enabled me to use my ipad as another monitor. When i finished the uninstall my computer had to do a restart to finalize it and after i put in my password and windows loaded the entire screen enlarged making it look as if it where at a lower resolution but everywhere i look it tells me i am at 1080p. I made sure all my drivers are up to date and restarted my computer a couple of times but the problem remains.

Does anyone know of a setting somewhere to downscale windows default screen density or something like that.

Thanks for the help!

Try changing the refresh rate, make sure it is at the highest it can go and see if that makes a difference.

didnt work :/

check if one of the win 7 help to read accessories ,maybe turned on ????

Have you tried this setting?

jussst found that thanksss

that is exactly what i meant !!!! :-)