Screen Protector for Google New Nexus 7

Anker Anti-glare Anti-fingerprint matte Screen protector

£6.99 amazon Uk

$6.99 amazon US -

I know many of you will have bought the nexus 7 2013, the previous iteration was highly recommended by Logan in his review. It is a brilliant tablet as is this screen protector, I have used both for the past two weeks. The protector includes:

Two matte screen protectors,
Screen cleaning cloth,
Dust removal sticker,
Instruction manual,
Return and Exchange information,
Bubble Removal Card,

The protector itself is premium, the matte quality it has allow for better viewing in bright environments. In standard indoors lighting, you will eventual not even realise it is there, assuming you apply it correctly. Which you should as the instructions are simply laid out, the dust cloth and bubble remover make perfect installation easy and there are two protectors just in case you install the first one incorrectly. Although you will probably not require it, Anker does offer a lifetime replacement and refund policy if the product is not what was described or is defective. So if you do need a quality screen protector, this would be my recommendation.