Screen not turning on after it turns off after 10 minutes

Hello guys I’m new to this forum so I don’t know the proper channel to post this but I guess it could be a hardware issue.

Anyways my problem is ever since I connected two screens to my PC every time my pc idles for a 10 minutes (default screen off time) the monitors don’t wake up and I have to hard reset the PC and its getting really inconvenient. I face no issues when the PC is on I get the full 5120x1440p 240hz refresh rate on my main monitor through DP and the full 2560x1440p 144hz refresh rate on my second one, however the moment it idles for 10 min (I know I can extend that but I like the screen off feature) and the screen turns off it sometimes wakes up my screens and it sometimes doesn’t. Could it be a hardware issue like a cable not up to standards or something faulty with the gpu or is it software related and I should do a clean reinstall of windows or fix a few things in the settings. If anymore info is needed please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m running a core i9 9900k paired with a 2080ti paired with a Samsung odyssey g9 neo and an Aorus ad27qd as a secondary display. @wendell

I was going to suggest something since there was an absence of OS but then as I read I finally hit that “windows” so suggestions gone.

Though the cheese reply is have you tried reinstalling your drivers. However the lack of wake kinda makes me think cables…which will also make Wendell twitch too. I’ve had issues like this and it’s always been some crappy cable. Works normal for a bit but then various things happen and EM builds up and things turn off, turn on, have “fuzz” on the screen. Have you tried different cables is probably a better suggestion than redoing the drivers.

I did do a driver reinstall using DDU, I have yet to test the cables I don’t know if using HDMI and dp at the same time is causing an issue but if I use a single monitor on its own this never happens. I’ll have to order another good dp 1.4 cable or a pair. I saw the silkland dp cable passed linus cable tester so I hope i get one from a good batch cables are such a random thing now and the market is over flooded so you dont know what to get which wouldnt matter in 95% of the situation but 5120x1440p with hdr and 240hz refresh rate is demanding with 10 feet length.

If there was an issue running both at the same time it would present all the time i.e. it shouldn’t work at all. The fact that it works until it doesn’t sounds more like a shielding or wire quality issue.

This isn’t so easy on HDMI/DP but if your screen “does the thing” unplug the cable from both ends. Touch it (lovingly jk) with your fingers in a way like you’re kinda mushing what little skin into the leads as you can then plug it back in and see if it works. Cheese discharge test basically. My problematic DP cables I’d do that and things would go back to working for a while until the EM built back up, but it’s a “tell” to whether or not the cable is the issue.

seen this happen with 20 pin dp cables backfeeding power into the G9. I have a G9. It is buggy AF. DP cables are supposed to be 19 pin.

Make sure you have 1008 fw on it, fixes a lot of bugs, or newer.

Club3d is a trustworthy brand. Everything else on Amazon is swill


I’m running the latest 1011.0 firmware on it , so my best bet is new dp cables. Club3d it is! And I totally agree on the G9 being buggy AF heck even the firmware upgrade is a hassle took me hours to figure out that it wasn’t recognizing the USB formatted by windows and had to download a third-party software to get through that. Still don’t know why they don’t let you update straight from the PC. But I need the real estate for my line of work and I need the other 27 inch for screen sharing since no one can see anything on the G9 because of the resolution

I run 12 screens normally so I know about realestate :wink:

I occasionally run into a similar problem.
I have two monitors connected to my AMD 7870Ghz card.
main monitor connected via hdmi and the second monitor via dvi.
Occasionally when i use both monitors and switch off the dvi one,
and switch it on again after an x amount of time it stays black.
When i unplug the main monitor hdmi cable,
the second dvi monitor restores again and displays image as main monitor.
When i reconnect the hdmi main monitor everything restores back to normal.
The strange thing is that on my end it just happens occasionally.
So it seems like some kind of a weird bug,
that i never really been able to figure out what was causing it.
Probably either a bug with the card or windows or something.

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I suspect this one’s some kind of Windows bug… I’m not having the problem right now with a 3090, but the 1080Ti it replaced (over DisplayPort) had this same problem/something similar, and so did a GTX 580 (over HDMI) I used for a couple months while I was swapping systems.

So it’s not the GPU, and these were fresh Windows installs - the only commonalities are A) the monitor, an Asus PB287Q, and B) Windows 10. My solution was to just disable all power-saving features and sleep states. :person_shrugging:

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That’s indeed a good one.
i disabled most power saving features in regards to the cpu etc.
But i might have forgotten about some.
Still yeah kinda a weird bug that in my situation just happens occasionally. :slight_smile:

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