Screen flicker on steam overlay

Hello all i have ran into this issue recently where i will open up the steam overlay when playing a game and a gray line will flicker across the screen, i have noticed this occurs mainly if not exclusively when using the web browser on the steam overlay. The only other time i have seen this occur was when i was overclocking my GPU and the drivers crashed and "recovered" i went and watched a youtube video on my second monitor and this flickering occured on my main monitor which my graphics card is hooked up to, after restarting that issue went away.


Any tips? Could i have potentially messed up my graphics card when i overclocked it? (i am currently not running any overclock). If the steam skin i am using has any influence on this i am using pixelvision 


I was able to recreate this flicker by opening a youtube video inside the steam overlay and clicking in the same spot of the timeline of the video which causes these horizontal gray flickers to occur on random area's of the screen.