Screen Emulation for TV multimonitor setup

Im searching for a software to create virtual monitors. Im planning to split my 55" 4k TV on 4 screens for better work or game. I’ve seen a cloud based virtual desktop do this, by citrix, i cant post the link here :confused:.

How can i do this?


What OS? All the same machines?

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Citrix HDX looks like an incredibly complex way to implement a basic concept (“tiling window managers”) which have been around since the very beginnings of the GUI.

Microsoft’s PowerToys will allow you to enable tiling on Win10:


The OS is Windows 10. I have 1 machine and wanted to use the tv as a multi monitor setup.

Thanks for the edit and privileges. xD

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Snapping windows in place is tottaly diferent from simulate a virtual display, i tried display fusion but it has bug (like the taskbars flicking and not showing properly). Some games i play dont work well or at all in window mode.

Im trying fancyzones for now, if you know something like Citrix HDX for cheaper (or preferentially free) please let me know.

Thansk for the recomendations xD!