Screamo (Singing+Screaming) bands?

I've really been into Memphis May Fire for a long time. Now, I'm looking for some more bands who's songs have a good mix of screaming and singing in them. I also like Emarosa, Silverstein, Dance Gavin Dance if that helps. Thanks ^^

Not sure if you would like it because its a slightly different style of screaming, but I'm like senses fail- bite to break skin and the red jumpsuit apparatus- face down screamo edition

Hmm its been quite some time since I listened to this type of music but I'll name some bands I used to listen to but now I just listen to Silverstein. 

  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  • Before Their Eyes
  • ADTR (for those who have heart album first)
  • Chiodos
  • Circa Survive (check out on letting go first)
  • For Today
  • Hawthorne Heights
  • Miss May I
  • Intervals (no singing just awesome instrumentals)
  • Bullet for my valentine 
  • Rookiez Is Punk'D (A Japanese rock band I just found and really like their music)

Well that's all I got 


ones that haven't been suggested yet

  • Of Mice&Men
  • Periphery
  • Miss May I
  • As I lay Dying
  • Killswitch Engage
  • Confession
  • In Hearts Wake
  • The Green Mile
  • Blessthefall
  • Breaking Benjamin
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Far West Battlefront
  • I Killed the Prom Queen
  • We Came as Romans

Some of them are quite heavy, some of them are on the softer side of post hardcore, so just check them out, I can recommend some specific songs too if you would like.

Not sure, maybe Rise Against.  I'm not very good at distinguishing between all these various genres.  But anyways, I have been listening to a song called Dancing for Rain by that particular band.

I wouldn't consider the following screamo bands, but their vocals consist of a fair amount of guttural screams.

  • Disturbed
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Chevelle (Grab Thy Hand, Forfeit, The Red, Comfortable Liar)