Scratches in screen, doing my head in!

Hi all.

A little while ago I was doing some work on an old PC that refused to power on (fixed it now, somehow). As I was working on it, the side panel fell, tumbling into my monitor and casing three small scratches.

One bit's fairly deep, the rest is quite shallow.

I've tried using a repair pen on eBay, and £10 down the drain. Didn't work in the slightest.

I've tried the eraser, toothpaste, and vaseline, all coming off when I remove the excess.

From what I've heard, Xerapol is a good scratch remover. Question is, would it fix my issues? I plan on getting a new monitor anyway, but I'd like to replace my 2005 17" 2nd monitor with this one.

Thanks all, it's annoying me to hell and back.

(also, when the monitor is on but showing a blank screen (backlight only), you can see a weird outline around the scratch. but since i'm going to be using it for mostly white apps, it's not a big deal. it's also causing a very annoying rainbow effect.)

Is it glass or plastic? If it is glass you are s.o.l. ... if it is plastic you may try headlight lens scratch repair kit . I used it to take the scratches out of my plastic lens glasses and it worked like a charm ... even though 'Lens Crafters' said it was impossible.

Try using chapstick (basically coconut butter ) and spread it slowly , that worked for my shallow scratches .

Except for that , maybe look for a place that cuts glass , and just get a replacement , I got them to cut one perfectly to size for pretty cheap , saving my monitor .

I got it done for 60€ belgium.

Luckily it's a matte screen. Isn't Xeropol the same thing? Just wondering since it's a lot cheaper. About the chapstick, I don't actually have one laying around, unfortunately.