Scrambled eggs

Thought i might share some pictures of my attempt at the scrambled eggs from the taco video.

The camera actually improves how it looks

I really need to learn how to cook...

Might be easier for you to just break some eggs in a microwaveable jug. Beat them, add milk. And just stick them in the microwave for 1min 30 or more. Be sure to check on them and mush the eggs with a fork when they start to solidify. Continue that process of stirring them heating them in the microwave until the milk has evaporated.

Much easier and cleaner method.

Or cook them in a non stick pot(with maybe a little milk and cheese) where you have to stir them the whole time until they reach your desired consistency..

Edit: just watched that Ramsay video..That is about how I do it in a pot..

When I scramble eggs I usually do it Jacque Pepin style. He starts the scrambled eggs around 11:40.

Edit: Also if I had to guess where you went wrong it wouldn't be in how you cooked the eggs. The eggs look fine themselves. It just looks like you have a combination on low heat and a bad pan. Buying a new nonstick pan, even a cheap one, and dedicating it to scrambled eggs only will allow you to have perfect scrambled eggs for years. Especially if you wash the pan with a tower or sponge instead of a scratch pad.

It's just overcooked which is what 90% of people do with scrambled eggs. Cook it and when you think it will be done in a minute or so, take it off NOW. It's done. And still cooking when you take it off.

Don't add milk/cream and salt until the end to finish it. Aside from ramsy, i do whip air in before cooking... I like it fluffier.


Wow that is a horrible idea. Eggs are protein, would you cook meat this way?

Horrible idea? It looks the same, tastes the same, same texture, same everything. Less mess, less chance of burning the eggs. It is so easy that I don't cook scrambled eggs in a pan anymore.

I have evolved to a higher being.

Yes, a horrible idea. They do not have the same taste, texture, look or anything else. Microwaves have been popular in the public for over 50 years and yet people still use pans.  Even if fast and efficient, restaurants would be doing this to save time and cost.

They do not.

Also, how is it faster or easier if you keep pulling them out and mushing them around?

You clearly do not know what you're talking about. If you use a pan to cook scrambled egg, you are ill-informed.

I am the master. Sorry.

The master of people who have never had good eggs? Or the master of bad cooks?

The scrambled egg gods smile on me. Can you say the same, Slappy_Do?

Sure, I can say lots of things.

Evidentially not. You can only cook eggs one way. I cook them any damn way I please ;)

It takes practice. You'll get there one day, sonny.

Thanks gramps, I'll just have to keep using my ancient method that has worked for a few thousand years until I get one of those newfangled devices you own that makes hard-boiled eggs from the inside out...

The truth is out there.

I made scrambled eggs last night, right after i put all the jalapenos in the whole house filled with smoke, i could hardly breathe until after i finished eating.

Well, the microwave is how they are usually cooked here. But watched how easily Logan did it and though "What's the worst that could happen?". Turns out a lot.

It is actually a non stick pan, admittedly it is quite a few years old and loosing the non stick element.

Thanks for the advice guys. ☺

Other people use a microwave?


I thought it was only me D;