Scored a free ASUS P8Z77-VLX at work!

So, I was working like I do everyday. Standard office work when a friend of mine asked how my machine was turning out. I stated that I was still shopping around for the right parts. He then offered me a free motherboard that has an i5 cpu with it. I said sure, why not. It's free! He gave me an Asus P8Z77-VLX. Now, I am still very new to the computer building world and I am in the process of building a high end gaming computer. So, any help on the quality of this motherboard would be awesome. Any info really. I trust these forums more than the internet in general. Thank you very much for any information!


PS: my budget for the computer I am building is about $1500, if that helps with information on the motherboard. I am intending on owning a really badass high end gaming rig.

asus generally makes high quality commponents so  think you are good there.  It looks like it does not do cf or sli so a good single card set up would be best and at 1500 I would think you could fit a 780 into your budget.

I have the asus p8z77 lk just a step up and it works great. I have a 2700k oced to 4.5 and everything runs cool. The cheaper asus board oc just as good as the higher end boards that include more features.

Pair that with the cpu and board. You can pick up another 780 in the future if you want it.

get a 7970. amd has magical drivers that boost fps

Wow, thanks everyone for the info. I read that a newer 87 I think it was, is coming soon and wanted the low down on it considering there is a new one. I opened it up and there was some dust but that is easily taken care of. Just have to get the rest of the parts to start putting it together, hopefully have it all ready to go by the end of August.

put somthing like that add your motherboard and i5 or i7 and you would be set.  I just put a random case in there but that would be perfect and you could just drop in a new gpu later if you are looking for more performace.