School VS. Linux

So I was sitting in English class Monday when the librarian came and took me out of class, she took me down to the principal’s office were I sat for an hour. I finally was greeted by the principal, I proceeded to asked her why I was there. She replied "Fedora" I was like ‘WTF’ she continued on to say that I had installed Fedora on one the school computers (I didn’t) and how it was completely broken with an illegal hacker operating system. I asked her what proof she had that it was me and she phoned the a stupid computer tech who said I had also installed fedora on my aunts laptop, which is not proof of anything except I can click next a few times (she’s a teacher BTW that’s how he knew what’s on her computer). I tried to explain to him that it was Ubuntu that was installed not Fedora and he told me they were the same thing. So after another hour of explaining to him that UBUNTU is DEBIAN based and FEDORA is an unstable testing bed for RED HAT, I asked my principle what other evidence she had. She replied with you were the last one to log onto Fedora Thursday afternoon, which was a complete lie. So I called my cool planning teacher in and he told that I had used my own personal laptop for the last month, he then later relied that I wasn’t even at school Thursday afternoon *facepalm*. Anyways she then started talking about how Fedora was installed remotely from my house *facepalmx2* at this point I was like bitch is you fuck out yo fucking mind! Then the bell rang and I was allowed to go home and that she would talk to me on Monday. %3C/RANT%3E Anyways I telling you this story to show how fucking stupid some bitches and so called comp techs are. I also need some advice I not nerdy but I am known around the school as computer smart, so when anything goes wrong every kid blames me. I live in Canada but I know In the states you have a sixth amendment right to face you accuser is there anything similar to this in Canada that I can use to get her to reveal the identity of her so called witnesses. Thanks and sorry for the text wall.


It's really not much better here. Most school systems have their own way of doing things, but often you will get nailed to the wall if you're caught doing anything that isn't 'educational'. The problem being that schools are so behind the times on technology, and they don't encourage learning about computers, or exploration. Anything different to them is bad, and "Windows is King!!" (Actual Quote). Schools are usually 10 years behind on technology.

yeah, my freshman year, the computer had an APIPA address asigned to it, becasue for whatever reason it didnt contact the dhcp server.... command prompt was disabled, but you could still run batch files... so i made a very simple one that ran ipconfig /release ; ipconfig /renew. i ran it and the teacher saw the black box appear... i was sent to the office and was written up... 3 days of iss for "avoiding the web proxy"... no idea how they pulled that out of their ass....

oh and the computer workeed again after.... so if anything they should have thanked me.


good news, since then we got a new tech..... hes doing sys admin at the school as a temp job while he is getting his masters, but he basicaly automated everything with vbs... hes going for some new certification now that only 1000 or so people have... has his A+, net+, security+, ccna, ethical hackiong cert, computer forensic security cert, and a bunch of other ones.... i think hes at like 11 or 12 certifications right now... lol. he knows his stuff.

my school loved windows too but we did have maybe a year or two behind for the autocadd program we had.  That and we knew more about our school system then the teachers did 

I remember one day, back in my senior year of high school, I was in my Innovations And Inventions class, it's where we build robots, program them to do shit, etc. They had pretty old machines. Dell, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 2GHz single core....onboard graphics...etc. They were running Windows XP, of which I liked myself, but I would bring my 64GB flash drive with me so I can boot Crunchbang Linux and browse the net. 

All the permisions on the Windows XP install were disabled pretty well. They also used DeepFreeze, so I would grow annoyed at removing the permisions every damn time; so I stuck to using my linux distro. (God i love crunchbang xD) I would do this for probably more than half the year when the principal say me using it one day, and I was called into the office. She (ms kathy) told me I was voilating school conduct and the rules about computers in the school handbook, saying if we alter the software at all, we can get in some serious trouble. After 4 hours of explaining how a live linux distro works, she still couldnt wrap her southern redneck head around it. Next, she called in the school's tech man. He was on my side and even still, he could not get her to believe it. All in all, I was let off (and i continued to use linux distros at school, just saying) and with no trouble. But it left her feeling fucking stupid xD

I have a story like that too :P Just a few weeks ago (Probably 4 or 5, my school JUST got out for summer) I was in my computer science class working on a java project. To save time, I decided to work on it at home and save it to my flash drive and just transer it over to the school computer. Well I also have a bootable version of Ubuntu installed on my flash drive incase I ever need to fix someones computer. So I pop in my drive and the auto play feature kicks in and asks weather I want to open the files, run Debian auto play, etc..I'm sure you get the picture. Well the teacher saw the message and thought I was trying to break into the system or some BS and sent me to the office to "tampering with school computers." I had to explain to them that I had no intention to install anything, I was just transfering my Java project that I did at home. In my opinion, people who aren't very technologically inclined, shouldn't be teaching a class about computers.

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So she called my back to the office today *facepalm*

Anyways she says she has witnesses so I can some one give me the Canadian equivlent of the right to face your acuser to I can talk to these snitches one by one.

P.S I know I sound like a little bitch, I have a hard time talking underpressure so I am going to send the bitch an essay on what computers are.

Thats the like to the document I am going to give the school tommorw can someone proof read it, and explain to the dumb bitch what a virus is.

The fact that she doesnt realize the difference between wifi and wired is hilarious. She doesnt realized they are the same connection and that the wifi is apart of the internal network. 

If i was in your situation I would have told her off which wouldnt have been good. I am a hot head when people tell me I am wrong when I am not. I would say you handled yourself quite well. Maybe if you woulud explain stuff more to her for example she cut you off when you were talking about the wifi and wired connections coming from the same place stop her from cutting you off so you can explain to her why you werent wrong. You sound timid and people dont really listen to people who are timid. You definitely handled yourself well though which is good. Just be a bit more firm in your statements thats all i could say.

I didn't download your paper because it was on 4shared and I needed an account. Use mediafire or dropbox or something like that. :)

Here is a mediafire link: . Thank for you input btw I will keep that inmind the next time I speak with her, also one of the reason I wrote the paper was the expain to her why she is nut without my timidness getting in the way. :)

You spelled kernel wrong and you mixed up the 2 packaging systems.

Nice catch thanks for readind it over. Do you think I should give it to her in its current form, or change it up and remove all the metions of her being incompetent and usless. :)

first sentance, word 50, you typed then instead of them

a virus technicaly does not self replicate, thats a worm... however the use of virus and worm are used interchangably a lot.


i doubt she would understand, but you could also explain how the computers in school are all on one subnet, and your computer at home is on another... how the NAT wil ldrop any packets for network booting as they are not on the same subnet.... and how you could not see the screen to go though the setup process.... so it would be imposible to instlal it from your house.

you should also mention how both the wifi and the wired connection is both internal networking. there could be a posibility that they are vlan'ed off.... but i doubt that.

if your school keeps giving you trouble, fell free to have them contact me. my whole senior year, i helped solve helpdesk issues, i even had my own login for it.  by the end of thye year, 10 students were all working on the helpdesk. and it was very sucessful. i would love to pitch the idea to your school, even if it is unlikely that they will adopt it, it would be good to show that students can help teachers in school with technology.

i would remove the incompitant parts....

you can say somehting like "i know linux is not a common opperating system, and i wish to clear up any misconceptions to expediate the investigation and resolve any confusion that may have arrisen"

She acctualy asked my if I would like to be apart of a student tech group for the next year, I will definaly have her contact you if she keeps harssing me / to talk about a student helpdesk.

The school computers actually all have a external ip address, you can do a nmap scan of  I will add that into the paper and remove all the rude remarks towards her. Thanks for all your help everone.

Switch schools 

Small town one school.

I swear if I was in that school, I would do what I did in my junior high and trojan the shit out of their computers

ahh at my school we just overloaded the servers and caused them to crash just by sending massive amounts of data.

Bad idea to be posting all that info here.