School Trying New Things?

I help out the school techs, and get to pick out new rigs for the school. I notice that there are meeting, and purchases of Ipads, ChromeBooks, Android devices.

Why would the district be ordering this stuff when there are so little security for these device? It seems every few months there is a meetings, and new devices.

Also is there anything we can say to hold water on laptops/desktops? 

Depends on what the administration needs to do with these devices. The main reason is cost/maintenance the Chromebooks are extremely cheap and cost effective since Google drive is free to use to make documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Plus things like iPad have proven to be very capable text book replacements or productivity machines for anything.

Its hard to know why, it depends on what type of school it is. Just try to ask around find out the specific reason for these changes. But if its coming then you'll be hard pressed to find anymore traditional desktop pc's or even netbooks anymore. That's how its been where I live.