School Paper on Net Neutrality


Hey guys, i chose the topic of net neutrality to write about for one of my classes.. Along with the paper, I also have to do a small presentation, and that is what pushed me to pick this topic because i can inform more people about this problem that not many know about. I have seen most all of your "The Tek" and "Inbox.exe" videos, and i find that im having trouble focusing on the important points because of all the info that i have soaked up from you guys. 


My question is, what main points should i focus on, when proceeding with my paper? here is what i have so far.

  • Brief history of what the internet is
  • ISP greediness  
  • Negative effect of monitoring
  • Possible future of the internet if nothing is done
  • Talk about VPNs and how to bypass the monitoring. 

Thanks guys. my paper is due on May 21st, any input before that would be much appreciated. 

Try to present an argument why it is important for lay people to care about net neutrality as a citizen and as a consumer. 

internet = marketplace of tomorrow

  • net neutrality -> competition & open market -> strong business
  • isp monopolies -> communism style monoculture -> American decline

internet = newspaper of tomorrow

  • net neutrality -> investigative journalism keeping politics honest
  • isp monopolies -> mainstream TV style distraction of the masses

internet = discussion forum

  • net neutrality -> breeding-ground for new ideas & innovation
  • net neutrality -> access to new cultures, revealing that the enemies are just people -> starting the long journey towards a collaborative humanity.
  • isp monopolies -> giving elites the tools to manipulate public opinion at their hearts content -> anti-humanity being ruled by fear of one another, remote controlled via us vs them manipulation.
  • isp monopolies -> Corporations solidifying their death-grip on US democracy -> subverting Democracy -> high tech dark age with a two class society.


Also this video: