School Internett block-out bypass

Hey, at the moment at my school there is a really big nettwork with restrections and such, is there anyway i can bypass site-blocks and download speed blocks. For example i cant download from Utorrent, but i can download reallyfast from the Direct Download on internett sides, but the speed is like blocked to 70 kb/s.


As u seet there is no problem with the speed of the internett.

How do they do this, By DNS block or some other fancy way?

QoS, they set certain ports to have a limited speed, while keeping port 80 (HTTP / Website Downloads) fast.

There is no way easy around this. Any kind of proxy / vpn you use isn't going to use port 80.

Another option if you're willing to pay is to get a seedbox for torrents. Which you can download from via port 80.

Sounds to hard, so buck it.

Hack a teachers account at my school they had free rain  (Because they would use YouTube ex for research/ presentations/ lectures and probably have higher download speed cap if none at all) but i do not aprove of this method.

Just be happy, I get a download speed of less than 200KB/s on my school

I assume you're using a University/College campus' wifi/direct connection, which means you cannot really bypass it without getting access to their main server(s), and contrary to popular believe, typing "hack <ip" into CMD prompt doesn't work, like it does in the movies.

Your best bet is to drop a RAT/VNC server onto a windows box, that has control over the server(s), and change everything you need while no one's at the computer. Of course, you'll need access to the computer, and a crypter/anti-virus exception, which means you need money/time on the computer.

It's no easy task, my friend.

buy a vps that has good speeds. configure sshd on there. then just tunnel your trafic though the ssh.


I would say, as a former IT Admin, don't do it, unless you want to get into some serious shit.  Tracking IPs on a network, even a large one, isn't difficult when there is suspicious activity.

I'm with pancakes on this one, any decent admin would be able to pull you up for it.


kinda new question, my school uses a DNS block thingy to make so we cant use youtube and facebook in the classes, can it be tracked that i am bypassing this?

But i wanna mention, this network has its main servers like 700km away from here, in another major city.

+ the people up at IKT at my school dont know jack shit, they know how to make the system to work, and how to fix the general problems. Was going to upgrade my RAM on the lapton, and asked if it was SO-DIMM or DIMM, and what Mhz it was running at, and he didnt know. -.-'    but what ever

From my experience, if they are using good hardware, any attempts to circumvent a "DNS block thingy" gets reported to the hardware, logged with IP and time.

ok, apparently you did not see the post i made before.... buy a vps (or use your home computer, however if you use the home computer it will be slow). set up an ssh dameon on the vps/ home computer. then launch an ssh client on the school ocmputer. runnel all your trafic though it.


>it will bypass web blocks.

>your data will be encrypted, so as long as you disable local dns lookups (you can do this in firefox) the it guy cant see what your doing

>if you use the vps, and the upload speed on the vps is more than your schools download speed, you will have uncaped internet speeds. most of the time, it will circumvent any limits the school has set up.

There is probably a way to track that, Facebook and YouTube are not worth getting kicked of the schools internet or out of school and the people on campus know how to trouble shoot not run but it’s cheaper to have some guy sit in a cheap rented office space remotely operating the server along with 10-20 others at 12 to 23rd the cost of hiring a full time guy and paying his salary to run a small server witch your school does have or how could your teachers get files off the network if internet is down along with students.

Suffer for 2-4 years and get the diploma unless working at mc d’s or Wal-Mart for minimum wage is for you  

But if you’re at college then it sounds like you want a high paying job

This.  Again, I was able to track even people doing this on our small network, sure the content filter showed no red flags, but we had an absurd amount of traffic going to one PC.  Short story, the student was expelled, and the worst part, they paid off their tuition, that is 3 years, around 90 grand or so, and no refunds.  Think about that.

Rent a Seedbox, there are plenty of cheap options out there for around $8-15 depending on what you want.

Make sure you're only using Private Trackers and not Public, since they'll be banned. Most if not all seedboxes have FTP, and most have a secure FTP too, so connect to a secure port and download 'anonymously'

Another option, rent a VPS (with high bandwidth/unmetered) with SSH or VPN (rent one in your country) better speeds and less latency, if you can.


Yep. If they are throttling bandwidth based on domain/ip or protocol ... you should probably remote back home or study ;D

Alright people, you are treading on a schools right to protect it's systems from intrusions both foreign and domestic, do your danged facebook/gaming at home, at school you do not need to report your day as it happens, do not need to game, and definatlly don't need to be lazy and download cheats and term papers you did not write.  You do not need to look into the personal files of others, nor do you need to learn to hack at the schools expence..  Do your nefarious deeds at home where the only machines you will be able to hurt are your own.

Just because you attend a college does not mean you have lost your right to utilize the Internet; the ability to consume and share information is our right as a species (I'm talking to you, EGC_Rocco). If an adult is attending a higher education center it is their right to make the mistakes they wish to, and if the school's counter is to censor the network, I find this practice appalling. There is a (very) fine line between piracy and education, and as we are currently seeing with Apple the subject of intellectual property is being called into question on a perpetual basis. Someone does indeed need to be compensated for the work they put into art and other intellectual products, but we have seen many instances where so-called "piracy" has not hurt the sales of whatever was being "pirated." And the thought of a student actually bothering to risk life and limb to gather the materials necessary to cheat on a course and then share them online is pretty unlikely.

As EGC_Rocco has said above it is important to use your own network to test out your skill set where the attempt to enter a secure system is concerned, but that's not what I see here. I see someone attempting to gain unfettered access to the Internet, and that my good Sir should NEVER be a crime for ANYONE. If you disagree with me on that point, than I think you really ought to look at the impact censorship has had on China and Iran.

Free education through free information, drop out and start your own business...that's my advice.


Ok, you don't like the way i say what i don't care, If you are utilizing the colleges network , and you try to bypass the protections and get caught, you can and will get expelled for doing so, like I said, wait till you are home to play and hack.  try to bypass the schools network at your own risk....B.T.W....a schools network is considered private, just like your homes is, violate at your own risk.