School gave me a check i wasn't expecting

And know i can afford any gpu out there.i was running a sli gtx 580 set up but one of them went bonkers so im down to one. I run 3 monitors, well 2 now since i can only run two of my remaining 580. Question is simple. Im not in dire need of a video card so im wiling to wait to see how maxwell does. But in the worst case scenario were my last gpu kicks the bucket what video card should i be looking at.i am planning on getting a 4k monitor as well.Has nvidias multi monitor support gotten better?or should i make the jump to amd.

In my opinion, there aren't enough graphics cards that can push 4k with a satisfactory performance. An AMD R9 290x can run games like Dirt 3 with playable framerates. However, I wouldn't expect to run most games, with decent settings, on any given GPU. Even dual GPU configurations appear to struggle.

I'd wait for 4k to come down in price, personally. GPU performance is playing catch-up.

good point on the 4k.Plan is to wait it out but like i said have no clue how long my current video card has lol.

A single 580 is still a reasonably good card for 1080p. Just see what Maxwell brings. Consider a 1440p monitor. It depends how much you wish to spend.

As Berserker said, consider how much you're willing to spend, and how much of that check school gave you should go towards a GPU. If it was a $200 check, probably all of it on an AMD card (e.g. R9 280 or something of the sort). However, if it was $400 or perhaps even more, either consider putting it all towards something like a 780, or 2 650Ti Boost cards. I'm assuming you would put extra money in as well though.

How old are the cards? They may still be on warranty and you'd be able to get one replaced.

no go warranty is no more.and it was enough for a titan black edition

So why not get a Titan Black then? Or perhaps hold out for nVidia 8 series cards, then get a 780Ti (or two) if the price drop is good.