Schiit amp and dac with headphones and bookshelf speakers

I have a pair of philips fidelio x1 headphones.

I’d like to buy the Schiit combo: Magni 2 amp and Modi 2 dac,
and a pair of unpowered bookshelf speakers.

Could I use the amp and dac interchangeably with headphones and speakers?

I haven’t decided on speakers yet but something around $100 would be reasonable. Maby Micca MB42X?

You'd need a dedicated speaker amp for any unpowered bookshelf speakers since a headphone amp will not be able to drive them.

Aside from that, technically you can use a headphone amp for the input of a speaker amp, but it would probably be easiest (and safest) to from DAC to one amp or the other at one time.

Modi > Magni > Headphones
Modi > Speaker amp > speakers

rather than

Modi > Magni > Headphones
Modi > Magni > Speaker amp > speakers

If that makes any sense.

Thank you, that's the answer I was looking for.