Scared to upgrade?

So I got an amd fx9370 cpu here, just did not stick it in yet because:

With my other computer parts being 650w power supply, motherboard being asus m5a78l-m/usb 3, which currently holds a fx8120, graphics twin frozer gtx780, 2 hard drives, 1 ssd.

Problems may be: Motherboard might not be suited for said cpu, 4pin cpu power, heat?

Cpu cooler now using an air cooler which keeps 8120 at 80celcuis max, might not handle 9370 within limits.

Also what is a difference in performance in 8120 and 9370, if working, I know it's faster but I think there won't be any difference other then that.

And do not yet want to reinstall windows again. :)

I got it cheaper then a 8350 so I might just try it one day, what are your thoughts?



YOU NEED A WATER COOLER! The new 9370 and 9350(or what ever its called) basically require a water cooler. Whether its an all in one or fully closed loop it doesn't matter just get one for that CPU. You can get the Cooler Master Seidon 120m for $50 at micro center. I also wouldn't recommend that mother board for that chip. With the 220watt TDP its just too much for a cheap  board. Really you need a AAA motherboard to run that thing. Something like this thing:

I would recommend one of these for that CPU. Should be a little cheaper and more reliable then a closed loop.

Wow I did not expect people to write in caps here "you need a water cooler!"

Do you own a watercooler, or an eight core, and do you realize a closed loop really is not that great with only a tiny 120mm radiator? Also the 9370 and 9590 are like overclocked 8350's, and yes the nh-d14 seems to be a great cooler :)

No its just that over the 1.5v the CPU runs at you need to water cool it, I put that cooler in there because you seemed to have a small budget and that was the cheapest cooler i could find.

Errrm did none notice the un heatsinced 3+1 power phase 125w tdp m5a78l-m/usb 3 mobo?

You put a  FX 9370 on that and its will melt posably takeing the cpu with it...

:D ikr

I said something about that in my first comment...

I hate to tell you but those 9370's only work with certain motherboards. And yours is not on the list. I'd send that thing back if you haven't opened it yet and get the 8350 and a decent closed loop water cooler.