Saving for gaming PC, Input?

This is what i came up with.

I did not choose for an SSD to save money, the reason for this, is that an SSD can be easaly added lateron.
in my opinnion its better to invest that extra money into a GPU instead of an SSD.

Since you dont care about overclocking, i choosed for a locked i5-4590 + Asus H97 Pro gamer motherboard, the reason why i choosed for the slightly more expensive pro gamer board, is because it has a decent onboard audio, and intel lan.

Further i choosed for a Sapphire 290 TriX OC GPU, in my opinnion this is realy a great bang for buck card.

As for the monitor i choosed a 23inch LG ips monitor.

let me know your thoughts ☺

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I like it very much! I may go with this list.

I ment more that buying over 21.5" for 1080p isn't worth it, you could just move the screen closer to yourself and save a decent chunk of money on your display.

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Once again, I disagree. :)

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But all you'd be doing is costing yourself sharpness.

23inch is a perfect shape for 1080p.

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"Budget matters" -- that's what it comes down to. You're right to a point, you've just got the scale off by a bit. I wouldn't advise a 1080p screen much over 30" or 32".

Naw man, check it out.

So on average, after a quick search on newegg

22" 1080p IPS display, $119

23" 1080p IPS display, $139(other seller)

Now that was just searching lowest priced 1080p ips displays, but it's just totally not worth it usually to consider a 23" panel over a 21.5" one unless the 23" 1080p display comes with additional features like a more adjustable stand.

$20? For an extra couple inches?

Fuck yeah. :D

Edit: I'm not sure your comparison is wide enough. What about TN? 1440p? All things taken together you might have more of a point.

But the inches don't really do anything, and like no one should buy a TN in this day and age unless it's really cheap, or 144hz.

Otherwise for 1440p 27" is generally where you want to be as far as the display's size is concerned I believe, gives you around 100ppi.

"No one should buy" is a silly concept, you realize that?

i would say lets stay ontopic ☺
Topic starter is looking for advice on a gaming build.

You're not wrong. I suppose what I'm saying boils down to that there's not really a wrong choice for OP's monitor.

i just picked a good quality 23 inch ips panel from LG.
And it fitted the budget totaly fine.
LG ips panels are great quality, infact, every decent ips monitor has an LG ips panel inside.

IPS has great color accuracy and great viewing angle´s.
He could of course also go a littlebit cheaper, and pickup a TN panel, which have faster response times.
But in my honnest opinnion, i personaly dont realy like TN panels, because their colors and viewing angle´s are awfull.
But ofc thats a personal opinnion.

Wouldn't it be better to put IPS a lower priority then other components? Get windows for a student discount at the microsoft site 6 :) Then I put this together: Its a slick red and black build, built in the clean but efficient Fractal design Arc Midi R2. It will be more then strong enough for your needs with an R9 290 and I5.

well the LG 23 inch ips monitor was on sale for $129,-
So i guess thats not realy a bad deal.