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Save the normies from Facebook


Different time zones exist.






People often mistake their personal, passionate likes and dislikes as some kind of moral righteousness; typically for some kind of “justice.”

I’m not certain you’re in this camp because you didn’t really elaborate on much of anything.

But I would just point out that I don’t particularly like hurricanes because they destroy people’s property, displace people and aren’t very kind to the human condition, but hurricanes aren’t “evil.” They are simply a natural event or phenomenon that comes to be, or manifests, when conditions in the environment are right for it. In fact, they will always come to be when the climate is correct.

I’d simply state that Facebook is a natural manifestation of a social platform that developed because all of the social climate conditions for it to form presented itself.

Therefore, I posit that Facebook isn’t evil. It is simply a manifestation that presented itself because the human climate was ripe for it. Just like a hurricane always occurs when the conditions are right - the same for Facebook.

Now, for good and evil. Typically, hoi polloi use these terms to express their passionate likes and dislikes when examining justice. However, those who are members at the helm controlling the human climate use these terms to adjust the environmental factors which produce these natural social phenomenon.

Take Soviet Era communism, for example. The people in power used good and evil to steer the human climate to wash out this communism phenomenon.

Just like a hurricane dissipates when humidity, temperature and terrain change; powerful people control the factors that create the “soil” or climate for social phenomenon to propagate. And they can adjust the social climate to make them go away. Typically, they use good and evil.

The weak use these terms to control others. The strong use them to adjust the human climate.

My suggestion is that we shouldn’t label a natural phenomenon as evil, but rather target the underlying climate that allows such a shitty product to manifest itself. This would be much more effective.



He’s too busy going to every other technology forum telling the tales of the evil Faceb**k.

Facebook is a media platform built on the vision of a college sophomore. It prioritizes how many friends you have and what movies you like over meaningful things that actually impact your life. It demonstrates how uninspired and content the majority of society is.

But it’s not an entity with a moral compass. It is neither good nor evil. Just ad money. Move on.


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