Save the normies from Facebook

You guys need to make a Facebook public service announcement for us to share with every normies we know

Made specifically for Facebook users who wouldn’t have thought of any reason to leave


We need to show them what Facebook is






Uhh, trying to go to sleep. Deal with this in the morning. Thanks for the ping.

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How about you do it yourself?


Who does you guys include? What is the goal of this thread?


Hello, welcome to the forum!

What do you think “normies” need saving from in particular?
Do you think a video would really help people leave?
What in this video would you want to see?

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"I hate Facebook. Validate my hate for Facebook please. "


Addiction to social media, I think that’s actually a valid issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s already proven to be a mentally unhealthy addiction mind you and it’s very common. I think they need to be saved from that.

Of course that’s going to take a long time to sway people off the platform or their habits, maybe if Facebook’s dumpster fires keep up the Camel’s back will break, who knows.

Facebook needs reforming more than burning down to be frank, but they have that business model of data collecting they rather keep. Rather than charging for Facebook a few bucks a month or so. Of course that would turn off entitled people but they can honestly suck it anyways. Facebook servers I seriously doubt are cheap to maintain anyways. Same goes for YouTube to be frank.

Idk what reason this guy has for posting this, I mean it’s his first post too.

Questions are not always asked without knowing the answer, mine are meant to draw out more than a youtube comment level of engagement from the OP.

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I mean I hate facebook too, so I don’t use it. Someone tried to contact me on it a few weeks ago, I kinda felt bad for her as it was regarding data recovery but facebook is the last place you want to use to try and reach me.


Everybody knows facebook is evil, but it is where everybody is contactable.

Unless you want to cut communication down massively and lose contact with say 60% of your friends, you need to maintain at least facebook messenger.

Like facebook did. Get the children young! However teach them who digital satan is.

We have a lost facebook generation and a lost instagram / whatsup generation.

Just put a fatwa on the current facebook / instragram addicts and wait for them to die.

Get the new kids woke to digital informations value.

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Never try to convince an adult they are wrong. It’s a fruitless and rewardless effort. Just shun them like religions do. Take long learned lessons and re-purpose them.

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Facebook isn’t good or evil. It’s really just a manifestation of a social platform for which people interact. Specially, it is a private social platform.

The scheme is pretty simple. Privately owned Social platforms have two types of users. Type I Users who interact with other Type I users on the platform. Type II users profit off the interactions of the Type I users.

It’s really no different than a bar if you think about it.

And if you’re upset because they mine your data and have a practice of building profiles about you and make stereotypical, secret assertions based on your behavior, where if that practice was made public, would have the appearance of exactly what the police do when they profile - let me break your spirit completely.

Just like a thread can be Spider-Man hijacked and it becomes a Spider-Man thread. The entire world has been hijacked and is now a social platform host, on which the social platforms manifest themselves. And they won’t stop manifesting until everything a person is becomes a part of a some social platform.

For example, If you buy gas, and pay with a card - the credit card company mines that. Oh by the way, your also on camera. And that loyalty card the gas station gave you with discounts, is just mining your purchasing habits.

Do you like making phone calls? All of those are tracked, who you call, how long you call, how frequently you call - all collected. Do you travel with your phone. Your travel is being collected.

Even genetics is a social platform. Look at or 23&&me.

To be fair, the government is also a participant: Governments already monitoring people behaviors in public (non-privately owned spaces) with facial recognition. The interstates already do this by tracking driving patterns on the tolls.

There’s no reason to go after Facebook because they’re just a slice (albeit a big piece) of the social platform cake we call earth.

The problem isn’t Facebook, but rather, it’s the gestell of being.

Welcome to the apex of modernity.

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4chan reeeeee

No, they’re evil. Their actions regarding stealing and or selling data without permission is evil.


I’m gonna give OP another 24 hours to reply to the this thread or I’m closing it for low effort


he’s had all day

I tend to do 48 hours in this situation, I think its unnecessary to wait longer than 1 day but 2 days is so overly generous that no one complains when I finally lock it



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