Satyricon - Are they any good?

Satyricon, Black Metal, they any good?, noticed some of there CD's at JB and am hesitant in picking them up.

Logan or anyone who knows them, TELL ME, i want to get into the "Black Metal" craze.


Those are all really good reviews... I also have the newest one... The Age of Nero... it is better than the one from 2006 but not as good as the older stuff..

After their last CD I havent listened to them... Hated the last CD.... But Volcano and older are great.

So The Age of Nero = not to good, but the 4 Logan listed, are like sex...mmkay, i'll find them tomorrow when i go back into town, and do myself a favor to pick'em up.

Thanks boys.

avoid this band.

they try to be black metal but they fail and just end up mocking it unintentionally.

Got The Shadowthrone and Volcano and The Age of Nero, they're pretty awesome so far.

i would say the new age of nero album is better because they seem to finally be playing a style theyre good at, instead of their old "trying too hard to be metal and failing miserably" style.

they had like one good album, the rest suck giant testicles in the sky.

Satyricon was good black metal when they started. Dark Medieval Times, The Shadowthrone, and Nemesis Divina were good albums. Rebel Extravaganza was decent but not good. All post-Rebel Extravaganza material is trendy shit.

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