Satchel of Steel Panther got OWNED by 11 year old kid

if this is already old news, forgive me OK, I just thought it was cool! \m/

that was goddamn badass

i know right \m/

He looks kind of bored. Then again, seems like a pretty lame band heh (judging from that one song anyways).

Nice work by the kid, loved it. Some of these kids man, geeeeez....

Steel Panther is kind of lame but its an on purpose sort of lame. They're a kind of serious kind of joke 80's hair metal throwback band. Its kind of a self parody in a way. They seriously try to do 80's hair metal but they know its silly so they don't take themselves very serious which in turn is about the most 80's hair metal thing you can do. Hair metal was meant to be silly over the top and ridiculous and they do all of those things very well.

As for the kid he doesn't look bored to me, just like hes concentrating really hard and trying not to screw up. I also wasn't very impressed. I mean I guess hes good for an 11 year old but I'd add to that an 11 year old who, despite being 11, still hasn't been playing guitar very long.

I was sort of hoping it was on purpose :p

I don't know, concentrated, bored, is there really that much difference? :D Still looks more like boredom than concentration to me but you're probably right.

Hasn't steel panter always been a bit of a parody band. Satchel has never really been super talented in my eyes, just a cool character. As for the kid. Not bad, not bad at all.  

There's no arguing with his guitar tone.

Not saying he's bad, he has talent. But I focus more on him than his I focus on his playing if that makes sense? 
I'll just leave this here as an example. 

I wasn't a fan when they first emerged on Myspace. Back when MySpace was still a thing. I just didn't "get it". But they are pretty incredibly live. You know... when they actually play songs? And not tease the audience over the fact that they ... *sigh*... fucked our mothers back in the 80s

I went to see Steel Panther at Heavy MTL in Montreal in August. Man these guys perform flawlessly, and they're hilarious. Easily one of the best bands touring right now.