SATA to SAS HD to SATA compatibility question

I’m thinking of getting a hotswap bay for my SATA drives. Specifically I’m looking at this Icydock one.

My drives are Samsung QVOs, ie standard consumer SATA SSDs. The Icydock however uses two SAS HD connectors. My motherboard also has only standard SATA 6Gb/s connectors.
Could I use this cable to connect the hot swap bay to the motherboard?

TLDR, will consumer SATA drives plugged into a SAS HD backplane connected to a motherboard with SAS HD → SATA cables work?

As you noticed, on the Icydock page it the lists the “Host Interface” as “2 x Mini-SAS HD 8643.” These are standard on SAS controllers that you can get for relatively cheap on the used market like the LSI SAS 9300-8i.

SAS hosts are compatible with SATA devices and vice versa, however the cable you selected is the wrong gender. What you need is a “reverse breakout” cable like is mentioned in this thread.

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this is a SFF build, and I won’t be able to install a SAS HBA card.

Would my SATA drives in this enclosure work with the SATA ports my motherboard and an M.2 SATA HBA provides if I get the appropriate “reversed” cable?

Provided that the cable is the correct gender and you’re only using SATA drives, yes :+1:

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Awesome, thanks! :grinning: