SATA SSD ZFS RAID1 Proxmox Boot Drive with Compression Enabled: Deduplication Helpful?


I’m planning to install Proxmox using ZFS RAID1, on a pair of consumer SATA SSDs with compression enabled. (I’m not concerned about drive longevity–this is the first time I’ve ever installed Proxmox, and if this works I’ll look into upgrading to more enduring drives.)

Question: Putting aside questions re: RAM usage and CPU impact (I’ve got a Ryzen 3700X and 128 GB of RAM), is there any performance benefit/meaningful storage reduction benefit in deduplicating the OS boot SATA SSD RAID1 pool?

Additional details:

  1. VMs and mass storage will be in separate pools. I’m only worried about whether I should deduplicate the OS RAID1 pool.
  2. Due to physical constraints, I have no separate slog or dedup drives available. Everything will be happening on the SSDs the OS is installed on.