SATA Splitter/Multiplier with RAID 0?

Hi all,

I'm been looking into connecting multiple HDDs/SSDs to a single SATA header on my motherboard.

(this is my motherboard: )

First off, how many HDDs can I connect to a single SATA port?

And second, can I then put them in a RAID0 configuration? I'm not really looking for speed gains, but only for the computer to read it as a single huge volume.

And last: got any links to a good multiplier?


SATA is a point to point connection and thus does not support break out cables.

There are already 4 SATA ports on that board, if you really need to add more either you'll require a SAS card and the use of a SAS to SATA break out cable or to connect multiple SATA to one SATA port requires a multiplier, that you have mentioned. However I do not know how or if they can operate in any form of RAID configuration.

Yeah, you cant, really.

yeah you'd need a sata/raid card, which would work fine assuming you're using the i-gpu

also if you're just after having it all appear as 1 volume you can do that in the os, windows 8 has storage spaces, i would imagine linux would have something to accomplish that as well

no you can use a port multiplier and sas controller are compatible with a sata drive but not the other way

more info about sata